Isık Tarım has three main facilities, all organic fruits and nuts sourced from our Happy Village Project farmers are processed and packed in these three facilities.

Our facilities are located at three different locations that have been strategically selected for optimum accessibility, proximity to raw materials and advantageous logistics positions. The first is the Izmir-Ören Facility, where dried fruits and their derivatives are produced, the second is the Zonguldak-Ormanlı Facility where hazelnuts and their derivatives are produced, and the third is our Afyon-Sultandağı Frozen Fruit Facility where individually quick frozen processes are carried out with advanced technologies.

Işık Tarım İzmir Ören Tesisi İzmir - Ören Facility

Our R&D Center, dried fruit production facility and Headoffice is located in Izmir-Oren Campus. Sun dried fruits, soft dried fruits, infused dried fruits, snack bars, balls, bites are processed and packed in our Izmır-Oren facility.

Organic fruits we source from our registered Happy Village Project farmers, are stored after the negative pesticide test results are received at the raw material acceptance stage. They are subjected to grading, washing and sorting processes in our high-tech lines including many Laser and X-Ray machines. According to the orders and demands of our customers in different parts of the world, the whole, cutting, crushing, infusing, shaping and packaging stages are completed.

The products, all necessary stages of which are completed in the bulk department, are packaged in different packaging types such as box, doypack, quadro, lunchbox, pillow pack in desired weights in our packaging department after laboratory analyses are completed.

Aiming to offer the best product to our customers, all production stages in our facility include the application stages of the certificates of the world's leading organic agriculture food standards. International food safety and product quality standards such as BRC and IFS are applied with precision in all production stages.

Our Izmir Ören facility has an important place in the transport network established with the important transfer points of our country and the world in terms of logistics. The fact that Izmir is a port city and its connection with other port cities in the world provides our company with a great advantage in transporting our products to many different regions of the world.

Işık Tarım Zonguldak Ormanlı Fabrikası Zonguldak - Ormanlı Facility

Işık Tarım, Zonguldak-Ormanlı Hazelnut Facility is located in a central location where our organic hazelnut projects are located. Hazelnuts produced within the scope of our Happy Hazelnut project are classified according to the organic or social certifications and stored in separate storage areas and silos in our factory after the tests at the raw material acceptance stage are completed.

The crushing and processing capacity of our Zonguldak-Ormanlı facility is 28 thousand tonnes/year of shelled raw material. The crushed products are processed through lines with high technology Laser and X-Ray machines. After the machine control, the sorting processes are repeated by our workers eye-checking on the production lines.

In our hazelnut factory, which is an integrated facility, roasted hazelnuts, raw hazelnuts, chopped hazelnuts, hazelnut flour and are also produced. Depending on the type of product and the demand of our customers, packaging operations are carried out with different packaging options from big bag, craft bag, bulk, vacuum and small weight packaging. IBC and HDPE plastic drums and metal drums are used for hazelnut puree.

Finally, our packed organic products are passed through a metal detector, final quality controls are carried out and transported to our customers or consumers.

Işık Tarım Afyon Sultandağı Fabrikası Afyon - Sultandağı Facility

Our Individual Quick Frozen Fruit, Afyon-Sultandağı facility is organised according to BRC Food Safety Management System requirements and is located in a very strategic location with its proximity to raw materials and its logistics advantage.

Frozen strawberries, sweet cherries, sour cherries, raspberries, blackberries, apricots, figs, plums and pomegranates are processed in our IQF facility. The fruits supplied from our Happy Village Project are classified according to the product type after the raw material acceptance and test stage. Then, depending on the product type and demand, it goes through preliminary preparation processes such as washing, sorting, cutting and pitting. Finally, it is shocked and frozen with individually quick frozen technology.

All of the processes in our production facility are carried out using world-class special automatic sorting, product processing and packaging systems, including technologies such as X-Rays and Lasers. Our frozen products, which are packed with the requested packaging type are stored in our -18°C warehouses without breaking the cold chain and shipped in -21°C cold vehicles.

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