From Our Founder

The story of Mehmet Ali Işık is the story of an adventure that started in their family vineyards and turned into the biggest brand of permanent trust and organic production. The story of the path from a small business to a large organization.

With the trust and support of his family, he started trading at the age of seventeen. As a young man, he began trading by selling the products he collected from his village on the stock exchange. Almost ten years of experience as a trader has been one of Mehmet Ali Işık's greatest achievements. Gaining the trust of his environment with his hard work and determination, Mehmet Ali Işık established his organic grape business with a bank loan in 1984 when he was 27 years old. After a short time, his business has opened to the world by making its first export in 1987. With the advantage of knowing the soil and agriculture, raisin exports became a success, expanded with dried figs, apricots and other products, turned into an organization on a global scale.

Mehmet Ali IŞIK | Işık Tarım Yönetim Kurulu Başkanı
Mehmet Ali IŞIK Chairman

Since our establishment, we have considered not only the benefits of our company, but also the contributions it will make to our sector and our country. We see contributing to our country's economy through our role in exports as one of our important responsibilities.

With Respect and Care about the Balances in Life and Willing to Share..

Mehmet Ali Işık is a pioneer in Turkey in achieving international standards with organic agriculture projects based on respect for human and nature, which he carries out hand in hand with farmers.

Mehmet Ali Işık provided sustainable organic agriculture trainings with the participation of universities, unions, institutes, public institutions and farmers with the non-governmental organization called the Association of Ecological Agriculture Organization (ETO), which he founded in the 90s. With this valuable sharing of experiences transferred to the private sector, the foundation of the first steps towards better progress was firmly laid.

Işık Tarım is laying the foundation of a new world by sharing a big dream and its belief in the soil with the people it works with. This organic world lives by the philosophy of respect for people, wildlife and nature. With respect and care about the balances in life and knowing how to share...

Işık Tarım's Biggest Capital is People, Trust and Reputation

Mehmet Ali Işık attributes Işık Tarım's ability to grow and become such a respected brand to the fact that it works in harmony with life, people and nature. He states that we have all witnessed together that the work done with respect for nature turns into useful and productive work.

Mehmet Ali Işık states that the trust of farmers, villagers, customers and business partners in his journey, which started with the trust of his family, is the most important factor that has brought Işık Tarım to this day. Işık Tarım started with the dream and belief of Mehmet Ali Işık and has come to life with the involvement of thousands of people under the roof of Işık Tarım which is a big community with its farmers, employees, customers, business partners, consumers now connected with trust-based ties. The work carried out with the customers of 20-25 years has turned into a very valuable cooperation, a strategic partnership and a fair business philosophy beyond trade.

In the words of Mehmet Ali Işık: "Human health, food safety and product quality are always at the forefront. Healthy nature, healthy wild life, healthy soil, healthy product, healthy generations! Every member of our team has adopted this philosophy. This is where Işık Tarım gets its strength from!"

Işık Tarım's philosophy is that people have access to healthy products and are nourished with a perspective of respect for nature. Işık Tarım continues to grow and develop in order to ensure sustainability without disturbing the balance of nature and to provide organic and healthy food.